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December 13, 2022

100% of the Work, 50% of the Reward. Does that Seem Fair?

100% of the Work, 50% of the Reward. Does that Seem Fair?

If you’re tired of giving so much money to the government every year, this article is for you.

You work hard for your money. And as you advance through your career, you see your paycheck growing every year.

But then, every time tax season comes around, you realize you’re paying more and more. By the time you reach the top income tax bracket, you’re giving up to 50% of your W-2 income back to the government.

Maybe you feel frustrated every year when tax season rolls around. Or maybe you’ve just never questioned this reality because, even though it’s frustrating, there’s nothing you can do about it.

But did you know that you can actually generate returns and reduce your income tax by choosing the right investments? 

Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Money

While income from investments like real estate is usually taxed at a lower rate, those investments will typically not reduce the amount of tax you owe on your earned W-2 income.  

There is, however, one investment vehicle that will actually lower the amount of tax you pay on your earned income. When you invest in carbon capture technology, the current U.S. Tax Code allows you to deduct at least 100% of your investment for the first year against your earned income. And with leverage, your depreciation will be calculated as much as 200% the amount of your investment. 

This specific investment vehicle is one of the few types of investment that provides this unique benefit. So if you’re an Accredited Investor looking for ways to generate consistent returns and reduce your tax bill, this is the ideal place to start. To learn more about the tax benefits and see specific examples of how much money carbon capture investing could save you, check out this free guide:

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Take Back Control of Your Time by Investing Passively

No matter how much money you make each year — and how much income tax you pay as a result — you won’t experience true wealth unless you have control over your time. This is why I’m so passionate about teaching people to use investing as a vehicle for building wealth. 

When you invest passively in assets like carbon capture technology, it allows you to grow your wealth without working more hours. In fact, you can even reach the point where your 9-5 is optional, because the bulk of your income is coming from passive investments. 

Just make sure that the investments you're focusing on are actually efficient — both in terms of the time they require from you and the rate they’ll be taxed at.

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Real estate, for example, is classified as “passive income” by the IRS, but investing in it will often require an enormous amount of time, energy, and knowledge. Investing can quickly become a full-time job if you allow it to, so be intentional about choosing investments that make achieving your goals easier, not harder. 

Find Partners Who Understand Your Goals

One of the best ways to become a successful investor is by partnering with people who have the experience you may lack and also completely understand your goals and desires. 

At FGCP™, we’re focused on equipping people with tax efficient direct investments, because we’ve been in your shoes. We know what it’s like to feel like your career success has only left you busier and with less control of your time than ever. And we understand the frustration of giving away a major chunk of your hard-earned money to the government each year. 

We’re laser focused on helping you achieve the goals that matter most to you, whether that’s saving for retirement or generating some extra income to fund your children’s education. 

Wherever it is that you’re trying to go, we’d love to meet with you and find out how we can help you get there. Contact us today to set up a time to talk.

December 13, 2022
Billy Keels