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January 31, 2023

Carbon Capture Technology: The Best Investment You May Have Never Heard Of

Carbon Capture Technology: The Best Investment You May Have Never Heard Of

3 reasons to consider investing in this innovative technology.

Looking for new investment opportunities can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the space and haven’t developed a network of trusted resources. 

But there’s one, lesser-known type of investment that’s helping high net worth investors access enormous tax benefits and consistent returns: Carbon Capture Technology. Best of all, if you’re an Accredited Investor, you can access those same benefits.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of what carbon capture is, why it has such strong potential for investors, and how to take advantage. 

3 Reasons to Invest in Carbon Capture Technology

Carbon capture is the process of capturing, storing and using carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO). There are several methods for doing this, including carbon capture sequestration and carbon direct removal. 

This falls under the U.S. Tax Code rules for oil and gas investing, and because of that, it has several unique advantages that you won’t find with most other investment types. 

In particular, here are three of the biggest benefits: 

1. Decrease the Tax You Pay on Your W-2 Income

No matter how well most investments perform, you still have to pay the highest tax rates on your earned (W-2) income. With current federal tax rates, that could be as much as 37%.

But thanks to the government’s efforts to incentivize oil and gas production, investments in carbon capture technology can actually reduce the amount of tax you owe on that earned income.  

The current U.S. Tax Code allows you to deduct at least 80% of your investment for the first year against your earned income. If you’re an Accredited Investor, this can add up to significant savings on your taxes.

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2. Earn Consistent Income that’s Not Correlated to the Stock Market

We use CO2 for everything from power to pharmaceuticals to textile manufacturing, so it is consistently in high demand.

This means that the returns generated from carbon capture technology investments are predictable and consistent.

If you’re concerned about the stock market’s performance or are worried that your real estate investments will take a hit in the coming months, this investment provides an excellent opportunity to decrease your dependence on the volatile markets. 

Your investment is also 100% passive, so it requires no work or time commitment from you as the investor. All you have to do is wait for the returns to start hitting your bank account.

3. Help the Environment While Building Your Wealth

The carbon capture method our partner uses is cleaner than other methods. By investing in this carbon capture technology, you’re helping to harness a valuable resource, without some of the harmful environmental impacts. 

Why not grow your wealth in a way that also benefits the planet? It’s a win-win for all involved.

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunity to invest in carbon capture technology with First Generation Capital Partners, we’d love to connect and answer any questions you may have. Simply fill out this brief form to get in touch.

January 31, 2023
Billy Keels