March 16, 2023

How to Not Underestimate Your Skillset - Billy Keels

Billy takes a look at how we sometimes undervalue ourselves and underestimate our skills and talents. He shares ways that you can get past the negative cycle of underestimating yourself.
Billy Keels
CEO and Founder FGCP

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Going Long Podcast Episode 299: How to Not Underestimate Your Skillset

In today’s solo show you’ll learn the following from Billy himself:

  • [00:19 - 01:16] Show introduction with comments from Billy.
  • [01:16 - 06:50] Billy takes a look at how we can all sometimes undervalue ourselves and underestimate our skills and talents, and shares some ways that you can get past this negative cycle of underestimating yourself. 
  • [06:50 - 08:11] Billy wraps up the show and invites you to reach out to him. 


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Episode Transcript

Billy Keels  00:00

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Billy Keels  00:21

Welcome to the gold long podcast, we're back once again to continue to help to educate you. So you feel much more comfortable as well as confident investing beyond your backyard. Yep, I'm your host, Billy keels, and we're back for another one of these solo episodes. So you and I can share something or actually me, I'm going to share something with you relatively quickly, because that's what you want. That's what you're telling us. So that's what we're going to do. And so I want to thank each and every one of you for continuing to help to keep the podcast in the top 1.5%. Because you're sharing, you are sharing across social media, you're tagging us continue to do that. We really appreciate that because it brings new going along podcast family members together, and it's something that we appreciate. Also, if you want to leave an honest written review, as well as rating, you can do that. And lastly, you know what, if you want to check out any of the previous solo episodes, or any episodes we've ever done, go to first gen Ford slash podcasts, you can find every single thing first gen Ford slash podcasts, you can find the transcripts, the audio, the video, anything that you would absolutely need. So, in this solo episode is going to be brief. As you know, I like to keep these brief because you want them to be brief. And it's one of the things that I have started recognising more and more, right, the more interactions that I have, with people from all over the place, and even going back to the 26 years that I spent in the corporate life. So more or less observations that I've made and things that I've been a part of over the last almost three decades, which seems pretty amazing to even think about. But there's this, there is a constant undervaluing of your individual skill set. And I want you to break through that. Because each and every one of us, you included, has a superpower. And your superpower that you are absolutely taking for granted can be the thing that helps someone else who is a part of your circle or near someone in your circle, it's going to help them to get even closer to their life priorities. What do I mean by that? I use myself as example. As you all know, like I said, I spent almost three decades in sales, sales leadership, and being able to travel the world, over 86 countries at this point are at six countries, I guess at this point. And being able to that's just part of the life that I have been leaving the area, the profession that I was a part of. And so there are many times that I will recognise that things that I have been doing almost over the last three decades that I take for granted. What is the marketing process? What is the actual sales in the sales process? What is the post sales process look like? Because that's what I've done for over 30 years. What is it like to bring on someone new to a team to make sure that you're selecting the right talent, you're selecting the right behaviours, making sure that they're in the role that is going to allow them to succeed the most things that you take for granted? Because you've been doing them for so long. Imagine when you speak to that person who is maybe today is someone who is absolutely proficient at online automations. Right. That's what they do. That's exactly what they know. And they're absolutely fantastic at that. Well, if you took someone like me from a sales, sales leadership background and tried to put together a bunch of automations. Well, that, for me is very, very challenging. Or even talking to doctors, sometimes talking to doctors, they talk about things that I have absolutely no idea. Let me go back to the automations will probably make more sense in a second. So imagine that I'm looking for a way to improve the way that we are scaling that we are in touch with new investor family members are able to contact new podcast family members that you know, you're going to be sharing today's episode with other people, right? Because you're going to say, Hey, listen, I know Billy was talking about something that could help people save more, save more keep more of their money over time. And so you're going to share with them that they can go to first gen, forward slash going long, and they're going to then enter into our world. Well, the things that happen beyond that, for someone who is an automations wizard, everything that happens behind the scenes is really, really simple. So for that person, but for me, it's like a completely different world. So when you have the opportunity to understand or meet or learn about different skill sets, that can be complementary. The idea is to not continue to look for more people who are for instance, for me that are more sales minded, who are understanding sales process, etc. It's having the open mind to say, Hey, listen, I know what skill sets I have. Let's see if I can find other people that can complement the skill sets that I have because when you add one in one, sometimes it can actually equal three, many times it equals three if you're doing things in the right way because you're multiplying the skill sets that you have to be able to get to a goal and in goal, it's one of the things that I've seen very, very frequently is that many times, we don't sit down and actually take note of what our skill set is, what is our unique skill set that we do every single day. So one of the things that I would suggest that you do, is to be very specific on the inventory of skills. I gave you an example earlier, I've worked in almost three decades, sales, sales, leadership, understanding travel, and just being able to have that list of things. Because as someone may be looking for some, hey, listen, I'm looking for somebody who understand sales process, they've done complex business to business, multimillion, Euro, or dollar or whatever your currency may be that transaction or those relationships, well, you can add value there. And it may be the same thing that you're listening today. And you know, you want to really start doing something beyond just your nine to five job. But you know that you have to be able to scale it, well. Maybe you need somebody that can help you create relationships, online, automating things until you can get to a process or point in the process where you can speak to one another. They're very simple things. And these are skill sets that you already have. So just take stock of them. Be ready so that when the opportunity presents itself that you can share your skill set with other people. Right. So this one is probably very well, this one's very direct, very to the point. And what this is all about is making sure that you are taking stock in the skill set that you have, so that you're prepared when the opportunity presents itself to be able to help to be able to assist someone else. And when you're able to do that, then you're one plus that person's other one or potentially 111 could potentially those three could equal five, right? So like I said, quick, short, to the point. And I want to make sure that you're not taking any of your skill set for granted. I want you to be prepared, I want you to be ready, because that's once again going to create more options for you in the life and the lifestyle in the priorities that you want to live. So while you take this conversation, and I always love your feedback, so let me know is this working, this is not working for you. I got a thick skin, let me know. More importantly, I really appreciate you investing the time with me today. Make sure that you take today's conversation, share it with family, share it with friends, and start talking about what is the specific skill set that you've learned that you have a mask that you can also add value to others. You'll be surprised spin that invest that time. Get to know and be ready to assist and help and leverage others. So once again, I hope that you've enjoyed this, this solo episode. I know I've enjoyed sharing this with you. So until then while you're going out and putting this all in action. Go out and make it a great day. And thank you very much. Press Did you enjoy today's conversation and once again, today's conversation was sponsored by first generation Capital Partners. If you're an accredited investor want to find out more about how we're helping accredited investors to gain their personal freedom even faster. Go to forward slash going long.

Billy Keels
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