November 17, 2022

Teaming Up With Uncle Sam - Billy Keels

In this episode, you'll learn from Billy himself about how you can avail tax incentives by teaming up with Uncle Sam, investing in assets that benefit the country and its people.
Billy Keels
CEO and Founder FGCP

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Going Long Podcast Episode 265: Teaming Up With Uncle Sam

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In today’s solo show you’ll learn the following from Billy himself:

  • [00:20 - 01:20] Show introduction with comments from Billy.
  • [01:20 - 01:53] Billy shares an honest written review from a GLP listener with the whole Going Long family.
  • [01:53 - 08:34] Billy shares how he has been able to avail tax incentives by teaming up with Uncle Sam, investing in assets that benefit the country and its people. 
  • [08:34 - 09:37] Action that you can take today to accelerate your path to financial freedom.
  • [09:37- 10:09]  Billy wraps up the show.

To see the Video Version of today’s conversation just CLICK HERE.


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Episode Transcript

Billy Keels  00:00

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Billy Keels  00:22

Welcome to go long podcast, we're back once again to continue to help to educate you so you feel much more comfortable as well as confident investing beyond your backyard. And yes, I'm your host, Billy keels, and I'm super excited to be back here with you on another solo episode, just the two of us. So this is gonna be really, really cool and got one of these things about partnering and wow, this is just some insight that I know you're gonna get a lot from, and it's gonna give you some ideas to create new alternatives for yourself, which I know you're gonna get a lot of out of, or at least, that's my hope. So listen, also to Thanks for continuing to share continuing to bring new people to the go along podcast world, we really, really appreciate that you're sharing crushes your media, your screenshots, and you're tagging us, we really appreciate that. Also, too, if we want to continue to leave your honest written reviews as well as ratings, we really appreciate that. And make sure that you check out all the previous episodes go to first gen forward slash podcasts. Once again, that's first forward slash podcast, you can find every single episode that you want. And also speaking of which, you know what, for those honest written reviews, as well as ratings, I want to share another one with you today. Today comes from JT Lynch, our K. And he hit this one says multifamily insurance had a great time with Billy he's a fantastic interviewer and does a great job asking, asking questions, his listeners will want to know this podcast is a fabulous source for anyone looking to get into real estate investing. So thanks again, JT Lynch, R K. Really, really appreciate that. And once again, if you want to have your honest written review, read and people in herd around the world and just go ahead and make sure that you do that. So listen, let me jump into today's conversation or solo episode or just a couple of thoughts that I had on my mind. And it's kind of goes back to the last maybe even the last I know the last one, but maybe the last two conversations that we've talked about. And but this one specifically, it takes me back to kind of when I was back in high school, what I would do, I ran track in high school. So there was but there were two specific types of ways that I would run one I would run individually. So it was like just me running in my lane and running against other people on my team and people on the on the other schools team. And I ran and I would rather win the race or come in second or third. But I was always doing that by myself. And that was cool. But you know, I didn't get a chance to really celebrate it with others. The other thing was I ran four by four, four by eight, which is four by 404 by 800. And it was basically a relay, so I ran with other people. So it was a team race. And so there's this something about running and running with a team and being able to win together different feeling that camaraderie, you're you have that additional support, and you're working together to be able to accomplish a goal, right, we want to be able to accomplish that reward. And so it's the same thing in business, you can do a lot of solo successes, and I live this a lot in the in the software sales world, you go out and you're winning on your own, and you're the sales Exec. But there's also something that that goes to be being the sales leader, when you're the leader of an organisation because you're bringing people together and you're working to get to the to the common goal that you have. And it's no different in business. It's no different in investing business, just like sport, it's important to select the right partners work chain together and then be able to get to the common goal. Well, you're probably thinking, Well, yeah, but what does this have to really do with our investing? My investing your investing? Well, I started taking a very similar thought about the way that I can invest in invest with partners, but probably not the partners that you're thinking about. Get this. So when I started thinking about investing, when I started investing in alternative, quote unquote, assets, real estate was the first one. And now as you know, a lot of other things and really focused a lot in the energy sector today. But the idea was, who can I team with to also create benefit. And as I started thinking about one of the people that I could benefit that I could work together with so that we could benefit others was Uncle Sam, right, Bennett, to work with the government. Because there are lots of things that the government wants done, needs done, but isn't as efficient and being able to do it. And a couple of the things that I started recognising. Were actually a lot of what does the government need help? And I started thinking, okay, housing. Well, lots of people are creating housing developers and being able to manage housing, different jobs, job creation, also creation of food, and also creation of energy. And so I started down the initial password, the initial path, which was creating housing because I was an investor in housing and a business owner. So I was creating jobs locally and creating an ecosystem and then also in the energy sector. Because the idea is to be able to team with the partner, Uncle Sam, to be able to do this. And you're probably thinking, Okay, well, yeah, Billy, but what does that really mean? And so when you think about what are some of the different reasons that you're that I was given to, to be able to invest with Uncle Sam or do the things that Uncle Sam didn't want to be able to do? Because he think about all the different types of programmes that exist, it makes it really obvious that also the government is looking for people, companies to help. Because you think about things like the HUD programme, there are very specific types of loans for development so that developers can go out and develop new housing, and that housing creates new jobs as well. It's job creation, all of these things come together, there are incentives there. You think about the voucher programmes for meals, there are a bunch of programmes that exist. And so when you're teaming working with the government, you're providing certain types of food to be able to help feed other people. And then also to in the energy sector, they're very specific tax laws that will stimulate or incentivize you to help in the production of energy, which is one of the things that I think most of you know, that I really enjoy doing at this point in time, because we're helping once again, but it's about in the same way that it was working with a team to be able to win the race. Now, it's also to be able to work with a team within a certain construct to be able to help and provide benefit to others. And depending on the level of risk that I was willing to take the level of education Well, the level of education that I had, number one, the risk that I was willing to take in the in the in the other team members that I had, with me, made sense to move forward on one of the specific areas or another. For instance, I've helped in the area of housing, in the area of job creation, in the area of energy creation. And it's the area of energy creation and teaming with Uncle Sam to be able to help to produce more energy is the thing that really helped to benefit, this specific destination investing destination that was looking to go to with my me and my family, right that we're on this destination together. And it's about being aware of the different types of partnerships that you can create. And some of them are forming partnerships. And some of them are just getting involved. Every time that you purchase a new home and you're providing housing, you're helping, but you're helping society that providing benefit to society, every time that you can help to produce more energy. And that's what these are the thoughts that I had going through my mind believe you can produce more energy, you can help to produce more energy. And as I've done this, and now helping other people who are investors to do that, other investors are now able to also participate and be able to help not only produce more energy, but most importantly, these types of investments are allowing investors to get closer to their investing destination. So the benefits are teaming go wide, very, very wide and can go very, very deep. And I just wanted to make this kind of share this thought with you. Like I said, I don't want these to be long episodes. It's just think another thought a different way of how can you look at the way that you're investing? By the experiences that I've had. These were the areas that I was looking for, can I help to provide housing, can I help to provide jobs can I help to provide food, food, and now can also help to provide energy. And so being able to help in these different areas, recognising that there are specific incentives or can be specific incentives to also help to stimulate your investment dollars, then this is a way for you to be able to evaluate it. Or at least that's the thing that I've done. So let me just share it with you that way. Also, you know that there are if you don't know there are specific areas in the in the energy sector, and understanding the different types of income, that when you are looking to see where you want to go on your investing destination. That is if you have the education, you can also start to ask different questions. We've put this together and actually a guide for you. If you want to find out more about some of the things that that I've done and been applying to my specific situation someone who was a is a an accredited investor who was a high wage earner in a W two job and being able to get out of that in my 40s. This was one of the biggest areas one of the ways that I'm also moving forward in terms of teaming with the government and being able to provide more energy. So if you want to find out more about that go to first forward slash going long. And you can find out more information there. If you want to reach out to us you can definitely do that. But also to it's just a way to to think about things a little bit differently as you start to create new alternatives for yourself. Once again, if you want to find out more go to first forward slash going long while you're reading that. And while you're thinking about today's solo episode, I'll be here preparing the next conversation. So until then go out and make it a great day. And thank you very much trusted you enjoy today's conversation and once again today's conversation was sponsored by first generation Capital Partners if you're an accredited investor want to find out more about how we're helping accredited investors to gain their personal freedom even faster. You're gonna forward slash going long

Billy Keels
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