We're here for you, because we've been you. Let's achieve your goals together.

You've worked hard your whole life to provide for your family. Yet, oftentimes that meant sacrificing time with them to reach those goals.

You've received countless degrees, climbed the ladder, and you look around and start to think, now what?

At FGCP™, our goal is to provide strategic wealth creation opportunities that don't pull you away from life, but put you back in control of it.

Let us help you reach your goals, whatever they are.  

Build your own dream, not someone else's.

- Choose to spend more quality time with family and friends
- Go on vacation and leave your work phone behind
-Enjoy playing video games with your children

Meet Billy

I'm on a mission to guide you to freedom. 

As a high-wage earner, you have one piece of the puzzle: great income to support you and your family. But deep down inside you know earning that high salary comes at a cost: freedom. Specifically, the freedom over your time. The freedom to choose how to spend your time, with whom you spend your time, and more often than not, when and where you spend your time. 

I'm just a regular guy from a middle-class family from Columbus, Ohio, who grew up knowing nothing about investing. When I started to become successful in my career, I had no idea how to invest my high salary. I was too embarrassed to ask because I felt like I “should’ve” already known. I remember hearing colleagues talking about being “accredited investors” and giving them fake nods like I knew who they were talking about.

From that point on I gave myself the challenge of learning everything I could about all things money and investing. My mission was to turn my high wages into financial freedom. 8 years later, I achieved it: I created a monthly passive income that met all of my expenses. I no longer had to work if I didn’t want to. 

Now, my mission is to guide you to your own freedom.

Introducing FGCP

Attaining your freedom.

My team and I are dedicated to helping you achieve financial freedom by exponentially growing your money. We do that through unique direct investments that have returns that are not tied to the stock market and generate tax efficient savings. It’s how I’ve achieved my own freedom, and the best way I know to guide you to yours.

It’s about you and your story. Reach out today so that we can discuss your specific goals and understand if we’re a fit.






















We work with accredited investors looking to grow their net worth through strategic direct investment opportunities.