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December 8, 2022

3 Takeaways from the Red Pill Experience Conference

3 Takeaways from the Red Pill Experience Conference

Here’s what I learned at the Red Pill Experience

Last weekend I attended the Red Pill Experience in Greensboro, North Carolina, hosted by the Myers Development Group. 

I enjoyed the opportunity to network with other investors and give a presentation about how acting on imperfect information enabled me to make my 9-5 optional. 

More importantly, I left the event with a renewed focus on building community and finding ways to foster in-person connection, both in my business and in my personal life. Here are the three biggest insights I walked away with: 

1. Face to Face is Where the Magic Happens

There’s enormous value in digital communication, and I’ve made great connections with people around the world through tools like Zoom. But nothing can replace the magic of standing in front of someone and hearing them talk about their life, their family, and the things that matter most to them. 

Whether it’s grabbing coffee, going out to dinner, or just catching up in the hallway, face-to-face meetings are the best way to build true emotional connection. 

2. Being a Lone Wolf Can Be Lonely

Many of us become entrepreneurs or investors because we thrive while working for ourselves and enjoy having more control over our careers and finances. But it’s a slippery slope when you allow your independence to keep you from connecting with and learning from others.

Not only does it get lonely to do everything on your own, but you can also miss out on valuable lessons and perspectives. 

One of the exercises we did at the Red Pill Experience focused on helping us understand where we’re currently at and how collaboration with others can help us grow. Maybe you’re a passive investor trying to do everything yourself, or maybe you’re an entrepreneur trying to build your business.

Wherever you are in your life and career, it’s important to remember that good things can happen when you do it by yourself, but amazing things can happen when you work with a team. 

If you’re a passive investor, this could look like partnering with a syndicator who’s working with an amazing operator. If you’re an entrepreneur, it may look like planning for your first strategic hire who will best complement your skills, whether that’s a COO, a CFO, or a CMO. The difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner is the ability to stop being a lone wolf and start tapping into the power of teamwork. 

3. Strength is Community

When you surround yourself with people who share your financial priorities — and your values around important things like health and relationships — it will only make you stronger. 

There’s power in community, and when you bring more people into your circle, it opens you up to more ideas and more potential for growth. Even when you have different perspectives and points of view, you can still trust their insight because your priorities are the same and you're focused on the same outcomes. 

If you’re interested in learning more about building a team to support you on your journey to financial freedom, check out this blog post. And if you’d like to talk with us about how FGCP™ can be the partner you’ve been looking for, fill out this form to get in touch. 

December 8, 2022
Billy Keels