March 21, 2023

Going Long Podcast Episode 300: Mr & Mr 'Mini-Keels' Host The Show!

In today’s special show Billy introduces his two sons, known to you in the Going Long family as “Mr & Mr Mini-Keels”. For the first time ever, Billy hands over the hosting duties and answers their questions!
Billy Keels
CEO and Founder FGCP

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Going Long Podcast... EPISODE 300!! : Mr & Mr Mini-Keels Host The Show!

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 In today’s SPECIAL show you’ll learn the following from Billy himself:

[00:32 - 03:25] Show introduction with comments from Billy.

[03:25 - 07:17] Billy introduces his 2 sons known to you in the Going Long family as “Mr & Mr Mini-Keels”, and, for the first time ever, hands over hosting duties to them to answer their questions!

[07:17 - 09:02] Question 1 (part one): What and where was Billy’s first ever job, and how much did he earn?

[09:02 - 11:35] Question 1 (part two): What was Billy’s first job as an adult where he was making enough to live in his own house?

[11:35 - 13:09] Question 2: Why did Billy decide to invite his two sons on to the show again for a third special celebration episode, when he could have invited somebody else?

[13:09 - 15:36] Question 3: Why did Billy decide to create his own company?

[15:36 - 17:25] Question 4: How is it all going at Billy’s new company, First Generation Capital Partners, and also how is it going overseas in Texas?

[17:25 - 19:52] Question 5: What kind of products do Billy’s companies offer to people?

[19:52 - 22:24] Question 6: When did Billy move to Barcelona and why did he decide to live there?

[22:24 - 23:58] BONUS QUESTION: How long will it take for Billy to be able to beat his two sons at the video game NBA 2K ?

[23:58 - 26:03] Billy thanks Mr & Mr Mini-Keels for hosting, and wraps up the show.


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Episode Transcript

Billy Keels  00:00

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So, how many years you think that you need to be? At least me and me at NBA 2k


You're listening to the going long podcast with Billy keels, the number one podcast for long distance real asset investing.

Billy Keels  00:34

Welcome to the Golang podcast, we're back once again to continue to help to educate you so you feel much more comfortable as well as confident investing beyond your backyard. And yes, I'm your host, Billy keels Yes, I guess I can call myself the host. But you're gonna find out really, really quickly. Because today's the 300th episode, something amazing has happened today. Like literally something amazing is happening today. But just really quickly also to because I have to say this, if you have not already left on his written review, rating, feel free to do that. And for those of you that continue to share across social media, all the cool things that were going on podcasts and tagging us really, really appreciate that continue to keep it up, bring in new people to go along family, we really, really appreciate that about you. If you've ever wanted to check out any of the previous episodes, go to first gen forward slash going long. And you can check out every single episode that transcript, the video, the audio every single thing that you want. So here's what I was saying. I really want to get into today's episode, because for the very first time, we have literally three peat, like guests like this is the third time that these two amazing people have been on the show. And you're gonna love it. If you didn't hear episode 100 Well, you're gonna want to want to go listen to that, if you didn't hear 200 You're definitely gonna want to go and listen to that. And if you've never heard me be on the other side of the microphone, and today's the day because today's guests, once again of episode 300 of the go along podcast or Mr. and Mr. Mini keels, and we're gonna get to that just after this. Are you a busy high paid professional, someone that in the previous two years has earned $200,000 and is expected to earn $200,000 this year. Or maybe if you file jointly, previously, you've earned $300,000 In previous two years, and you're also expected to do that this year. Or maybe if not, either individually or jointly, you have a million dollars in net worth not including your primary residence. If you meet any of these criteria, then you're someone that the IRS considers to be an accredited investor, that probably means you're someone like an enterprise software sales executive, you may be an executive in a major corporation, you may be a doctor, you may be a lawyer may be a high paid consultant, you may have even worked for a major sports franchise, the thing I know you have in common is that you continue to do the hard work like you're doing 100% of the work. And you're only bringing home 50% of the reward because you continue to get crushed by your income taxes. If you are tired of this situation and you're looking for a new solution, then go to first gen forward slash going long. When you get there, that's going to help you to start the journey so that you can begin to take back control of your taxes take control of your time. And then also that means you're going to be able to spend more of the time that you want with the people that you love the most. And that is the way that you're going to get the personal freedom that you're looking for. So if you're looking to take back control, go ahead and go to first gen forward slash going along and see how we can help you today. So if you have ever wanted to know how sweet it feels to be a three Pete champion, as well as guest on the going long podcast, then guess what, today is the episode that you are going to want to listen and watch until the very last word I promise. I promise I promise I promise. You know why? Well, because today's guests for this special 300th episode are not only masters of understanding cash flow, they also speak more languages than half the globe. They are amazing, excellent students. They are soon to be probably professional basketball players. And team owners is kind of my was my little bit of a hope. And you know what, they are the only three peat guests on the going long podcast. And we're going to do something very, very different today. Because you know, for the very first time ever, I'm going to be answering the question, but if you want to know all about that, then you really, really, really are gonna want to listen to today's guests because it gives me great, great, great, great pleasure to welcome back to the Guangdong podcast, Mr. and Mr. Minnie keels. Welcome to the show again for the third time guys, how's it going?


It's fine. You

Billy Keels  04:47

know what? This gives me so much positive energy you all have absolutely no idea. So I'm very, very thankful that the two of you have decided to share. Well, you guys are gonna ask me some quick Since they were going to do things a little bit different, just in general how things going, guys, it's nice to be back. You're the only Can you guys imagine that you're the only guests who have ever been here three times Episode 100, episode 200. And now back for episode 300. Who would have ever thought back in June of 2020, that we would be here at episode 300? What do you guys think about that?


I think that's pretty nice that we are having the chance of being three times in our podcast. Thank you for inviting us for the third time.

Billy Keels  05:38

You know, it is my pleasure. It's so much fun for me. And then you know what? Everyone loves being able to hear from you guys. And by the way, if you've not listened to Episode 200, or Episode 100, I'm gonna really suggest that you go back because these guys are pretty amazing. And you're gonna hear some amazing things. They have, like, already blown me away, like, by the time the ages that they are, it took me until I was in my 40s to understand the things that these guys already understand. But anyway, so listen, guys, we're going to do something very different today. Because for the first time ever, gonna switch roles. Because I know that you guys when you agreed to be here as the as the guests on episode 300 of the going long podcast, with yours truly, Billy keels, you also agreed to do something a little bit differently, because no one has ever ever, ever asked me all the questions. But today, not only are you on the special guests, but in reality, you're really the hosts because you all have some special questions that you have prepared in advance that Well, I guess I'm gonna find out what they are now. Here we go. Little bit nervous. So guys, I would love to start out with Who should we start out, we should probably start out with the MS. Big, big mini kills. Because we'll just be in the biggest of the of the two or the oldest of the two. Yeah, we're gonna let you go first today, when that means that many kills gets to finish things up. So here we go, guys, you are now officially I'm going to pass you the baton like they do in relay races. You are now the hosts of the going long podcast. So over to big mini kills. What


is which first question? First of all, good afternoon. I'm really grateful for having you as a guest, Billy keels. And there goes my first question. When When was your first job? And how much did you earn by doing that?

Billy Keels  07:41

Well, you are such a wonderful host, I really appreciate the warm welcome. You've made me feel very, very welcome. And so you want to know, when was my very first job? What was it? And how much did I earn? That's like, you're kind of asking like three questions in one. But since you're the host, I guess I'll ask or I'll answer all of them. So the very first job that I ever officially had, well, you know, growing up in the United States, a lot of times you have a paper route. And the very first job that I had, I think I was just right around 12 years old, I was delivering a community newspaper. And that community newspaper, I want to say that they paid me like four or five cents per per newspaper that I actually would read, they would come to my house, I would wrap them up in a piece of paper and plastic. And then I would get on my bicycle and I would go throw them on to people's front porch. So that was the very first job that I had. I was just at 12. I was I guess I was really wanting to work. And I had some focus. And I was delivering newspapers. And I was delivering that for a local community newspaper. It's very typical in the United States. So hopefully that answers your question and gives you a little bit more insight. And yes, I was literally working for less than five cents per paper that was delivered, which is pretty amazing.


All right. I'm gonna get in the in the speech for one moment that my question is, when did you What was your first? And when was your first job that you really like they really paid you for your living in a house or an apartment?

Billy Keels  09:20

Oh, wow. So this is a follow up question from many kills. So what was the first job that I ever had when I was working in in house and apartment? So like when I was when I was like an


adult? Yes.

Billy Keels  09:33

Oh, wow. That's a whole different kind of question. Yeah. So my very first job that I ever had as an adult when I wasn't living at my house actually was I was living it was pretty interesting because I was living with some friends who are still wonderful friends to this day and live out in California and they are absolutely amazing. I had an internship and an internship is like when you work for the summertime and I would travel I was working for an insurance company. And I was a claim claims adjuster. So what that means is when people's cars like got run into or had an accident, they would come into where I was working. And I would walk around the car. And I would actually see what, what the problems were, I would diagnose the problems. And I would tell people how much the insurance company was going to pay for their claim, or for the damage that was on their car.


That was Sorry, continue. Go ahead. Like a CSI but only with the paper of the insurance, right?

Billy Keels  10:31

Yeah, sort of like a CSI, but only with the insurance papers. So can I enter? I'm going to enter one other questions. So I live with a really good friend of mine from college. And this was like the first job where I was really after college. And I was working in travelling. So this very first job, I had to move to St. Louis, Missouri. In the very beginning, I live with a good friend of mine, and his family. They were very nice. And that was the job that allowed your daddy from from Columbus, Ohio, to like travel around the world and see 58 different countries. And I did that in five years. So in five years, I saw 58 countries, it was the it was after I finished college, I had two degrees from college. And I was living with my buddy and his family in the very beginning. And then eventually, I ended up getting my own place. I was living in St. Louis, Missouri, and I was travelling about 25 to 28 days a month. But that was my first like, I guess real job. Yeah. Yeah, of course. So. So hopefully that answers the first question. But I think that that was still just the first question. I think we still have a couple of other questions to go. Yes,


many kilos, you're up. Yep. This is the same question. My, my big question is, why did you decide to invite us as your third time guests in Episode 300, because you could invite other people, like other family of yours, to do was decide to invite us? Well,

Billy Keels  11:56

that's a really, really great question. And you know, what, as I watched the two of you grow up to be an amazing, amazing young men, every single time that I get to ask you questions, but this time, you're asking me questions, it's fantastic to be able to see how much you have learned how much you have grown the wonderful, wonderful young men that you are becoming. And here's the other thing, since it's kind of my show, I'm allowed to invite whoever I want. And so, you know, I love being able to share you guys with so many people around the globe, because there's like a lot of people that listen to this podcast in a bunch of different countries all around the world. And even though they never see you guys, they still hear you. And so as your father, it brings me great, great joy. I'm very, very proud of the two of you. I love the two of you so much. And because this is my show, I love being able to have the two of you come back and share your knowledge with me. But this time, you're asking me the question. So that's why I asked the two of you to join me for episode 300. Does that answer your question? Yes. Okay, perfect. Well, thank you very much. And I love you very much. So I guess that means that, you know, it's probably now time for question number three. So we're gonna go back over to big Mr. Mini kills. So what is question number three?


Yes, indeed, it's time for question number three. Why did you decide to create your own company? Why did I

Billy Keels  13:30

decide to create my own company? Wow, that's a really good question. So I'm having you both know that I spent a really long time working for really big companies. And I remember we'd like even when you guys were little, like the last big company that I worked for, we used to go and you guys would look at the Mediterranean Sea and run around the office and just have fun. You guys remember when he used to run around the office like that? Yes, yes, I know. I know. So one of the things that I recognised was that although I really did like working for those really big companies, and they were able to help us to do a lot of things, and provided us lots of time, there was also a point in my life that you guys know that I was doing a lot of travelling, I was always doing so many different things for you guys, for the family and for, for ourselves, that I realised that, you know, even though I was still doing all of that stuff, that something inside of me eventually I knew that I wanted to also be completely in control of my time. Because although it was working for a really big company and was able to make probably a lot of money at the time. There was also over that period of time, there were a lot of time and a lot of hours that I had to dedicate to that. And so I knew that eventually I wanted to work for my own, my on my own. I knew that I wanted to start my own company be able to set the rules in the way that I wanted to be able to do and serve the people that I knew that I wanted to serve the people that gave us lots of positive energy and love and and also were being able to To help them. So why did I start my own company? Well, because I knew that I wanted to be completely in control of my time taking the good and the kind of not so good that goes along with that. But also knowing that when I had my own company that I would be able to dedicate more time to you guys, and also be able to serve the people that our company loves serving. So does that answer your question? Or you feel like you have some other questions to follow


up on that? Yeah,

Billy Keels  15:29

yeah, it's okay. All right. Well, I appreciate that. So sorry, are we on to the next question that has this question number four?


Yes, we're going up for question number four. All right. And question number four is, what do you like about MGCP? Your new company? And how's it going and catch it with your machine?

Billy Keels  15:52

Yes, so MDCP first generation Capital Partners, how is it going with first generation Capital Partners? Well, let's just say that first generation Capital Partners, as you guys know, is the company that, that that is founded. And it is the company that we continue to serve, things are going, I would say, very well, we have new investor family members that we're serving at a very high level. They are very happy. We actually just had our very first meeting recently with all of our investor family members. And that was really, really fun. And, and informative. So that was fun. And it was very exclusive. So unless you're an investor, family member, I don't know if you'll get that information or that other people will get that information. But our investor, family members did get that. And the machine that things how they're going in Texas, as you asked, so things are going very, very well. I appreciate you asking. And I remember you guys were even like, when I was visiting, you guys were saying, oh, cool, daddy, and all this other kind of good stuff. So very, very good question. So fccp, first generation Capital Partners is going very well. We are enjoying serving, serving our investor, family members, we're serving more of them every day, and things are going pretty well in Texas, everybody seems to be very happy. So thank you for asking such an informative question. That was that was really good, by the way. deep question. So anything else? Did you? Did you have a follow up to that? Or is it next? Are we on to next question number five?


Next question.

Billy Keels  17:25

Question number five. Okay, we're almost done. Everybody. Yes. Go ahead.


Interesting question. Yes. I would like to know, and to other people to know, what what kind of product or does your companies companies can give to your customers?

Billy Keels  17:45

Wow. So for what do we do for our so what kind of products okay, this is really interesting. So this kind of sounds like the machine. But if it's okay with you, I'm going to maybe answer this in a little bit of a different way. Because our customers, as you say, our clients, our investor, family members, what we're always looking to do at first generation Capital Partners, is we look to provide them with something that the two of you remember that game we used to play, or that we will use to play, I guess you both know how to play it pretty well.


cash flow. Cash flow for kids. Yeah, you

Billy Keels  18:18

gonna cash flow for kids? Exactly. So first and foremost, the services and products that we provide are always going to look to provide cash flow to our investor family members, because I believe cash flow is really, really important. And because I also used to be someone who paid a whole lot in income tax, like a lot in income tax, we also look for things that are very income tax efficient, and tax efficient, as much as possible. And so if anybody's listening, and they want to know the difference between those two, feel free to just shoot me an email or something like that. And we can talk about the difference. But the things that we continue to do, and many kills asked the question earlier, like the machine stuff there, create cash flow, and they're very tax efficient. And we also more importantly, want to make sure that they're aligned with what our investor family members want, which means that they want to, for instance, make more, make more of their money, they want to keep more of their money, so that they can do really cool things. Like I get to do with the two of you, like being here talking and investing more of their time together. So probably a long answer to your question. But does that answer your question, sir? All right, fantastic. These guys are doing lots of silly faces that they know no one is ever going to see, which is actually pretty funny. And so now it's time for question. Number six is our last question and really appreciate this is difficult being on this side of the on this side of the camera and answering the questions but go right ahead. Last question. Question number six,


so forth. I would say that natheless way chins up the press. What are the last question? I wanted to ask? What did you get to Barcelona and what was the reason? Oh,

Billy Keels  20:13

when did I come? Vasa listen to this isn't what a question. This is okay. So yeah, so this is getting back into life, right? So life and all this kind of stuff. So when did I come to Barcelona? Well, the very first time that I came to Barcelona, believe it or not, was in 1995, I came to Barcelona. It was an absolutely amazing city. I was super young at the time. And I really, really liked it. It was such an amazing city, the Olympics had just been here in 1990. Oh, there you go down inside man, I thought you guys knew a little bit something about the Dream Team. So the the I just been to Barcelona. And in 1995 Really, really, really enjoyed it. And I think the two of you know, when I was living and working in France, I met somebody who was actually from Barcelona, she happens to be your mommy. And so when your mommy was, was back, moved back to Barcelona, I eventually moved to Barcelona as well. So why did I show up to Barcelona? Well, because the because the woman that I knew was from Barcelona, and was living back here in Barcelona. And in Barcelona, because it has given me two of the most amazing individuals that I have ever met, are the most amazing individuals that I've ever met, the two of you, which, you know, I'm not gonna say your names here, because that's just what we do here. One, we're here together. Absolutely love being able to be in the place where the two of you were born, your birth town, and being able to do all kinds of really awesome things here in the Mediterranean. So that's when I got here. 2000 in July of 2005, that's why I got here. And I love being able to see the two of you grow into these amazing young men as you're travelling around the world, doing all kinds of stuff, and even making these really, really funny faces that only one person in the world is going to see. But that's okay. So


did I answer your question? Yes, you did. You did answer the question.

Billy Keels  22:11

Okay. Fantastic. So listen, it sounds like I've answered all the questions. So before that, though, guys, I have to say something to you really quickly. And hopefully everybody has been enjoying this. This episode, this conversation.


Yes. That one last question. We have one last question. Now. This is this is a little bit unnerving. So how many years you think that you need to be at least me? Me at NBA 2k?


Okay, so

Billy Keels  22:46

can I just give a little can I tell people, so this is really funny. So listen, everybody. So as most of you know, since leaving the corporate world, one of my most exciting things that I love doing is playing. We have a new brand new, like PlayStation, and so the guys have really, they just completely pummelled me every single time. I try and try and try to win. But I think that they really enjoy beating me. So basically, I'm selling everybody. I'm playing a lot more video games that I have ever played in my entire life. And my sons are now putting me on the spot asking me when I will ever win because I don't ever win. They beat me all the time, constantly. And I think that they really, really enjoy it. So to answer your question, big guy,


I'm going to keep working really, really hard.

Billy Keels  23:35

I am eventually going to get very, very good. And maybe just once or twice, I'm eventually going to win. So I'll keep doing the work. I'll get better. And maybe by episode 400. If you guys come back, if you'll join me again, we can tell everybody how much I am constantly beating you in the in the video games. So thank you for that question. Well, listen, I just have to do one thing, guys, because I want to just say thank you very, very much for deciding to not only join me on episode 300 Hopefully everybody that is watching and listening more listening than watching that you've really really enjoyed the episode. I know I've had a lot of fun being able to answer these questions. I love being able to share this with my with my two favourite men on the entire planet. Guys, Daddy loves you so very much. You make me so proud. And I love the men, the young men that you are becoming in the amazing men that you will be so thank you so very much for joining me. I really appreciate you guys and listen, everybody who's watching and listening from all over the globe. Hopefully you have enjoyed this because this is BK as always like to say, take the episode take the conversation, share it with your friends, share it with your family. When you have the opportunity to invest time with your two children like I get to do here. This is amazing. So share today's episode, share it with your family, share it with your friends and why You're doing that I'll be here preparing the very next conversation because I was going to get back to hosting the show. So until then, go out and make it a great day. And thank you very much.


And I see your last thing.

Billy Keels  25:11

Okay, well hang on a second. Yes, you can say less than go right ahead.


And as you remember

Billy Keels  25:22

I start approxima sounds great. Thanks, everybody make it a great day. And as they say, I stood up Proxima Tao. Trust did you enjoy today's conversation and once again, today's conversation was sponsored by first generation Capital Partners. If you're an accredited investor and want to find out more about how we're helping accredited investors to gain their personal freedom even faster, go to forward slash going long.

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