October 13, 2020

Navigate Uncharted Territory to Protect and Grow Your Wealth ..PART 2 - Russell Gray

Billy Keels
CEO and Founder FGCP

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Want to avoid mistakes in Long Distance Investing?  Download your FREE document atbillykeels.com/7mistakestoavoidEpisode 45: Navigate Uncharted Territory to Protect and Grow Your Wealth ..PART 2


In the conversation with today’s guest, Russell Gray, you’ll learn the following:

  • [00:36 - 04:45] How you can understand migration patterns in the USA, so you can stay one step ahead on the trends and know the best market locations to invest in.
  • [04:45 - 11:00] How to go about looking for the right team in the right markets; how to network; and some of the ways the big players play the game.
  • [11:00 - 14:52] Russell talks about the meaning behind a special set of numbers in Billy’s numbers game.
  • [14:52 - 19:12] Liquidity: where you should focus your energy if you are wanting to protect and grow your wealth.
  • [19:12 - 25:14] Russell explains the concept of Systemic Risk.
  • [25:14 - 32:00] Billy asks Russell the famous Going Long “Final Three”.

Here’s what Russell shared with us during today’s conversation:

  • Favourite European city: Paris, France.
  • A mistake Russell would like you to learn from so that you don’t have to pay full price: Listen to others and don’t assume you should know best. Practice humility, and be smart by surrounding yourself with smart people.
  • Book recommendation: Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.

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Billy Keels
Founder & CEO of FGCP
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