September 8, 2022

How to Escape The Corporate Trap - Billy Keels

In today's solo show, Billy will explain how you can recognize if you are stuck in the 'Corporate Trap,' and he'll share his simple 4-step process for escaping.
Billy Keels
CEO and Founder FGCP

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Going Long Podcast Episode 245: How to Escape The Corporate Trap

In today’s solo show you’ll learn the following from Billy himself: 

  • [00:20 - 01:08] Show introduction with comments from Billy.
  • [01:08 - 02:32] Billy shares an honest written review from a GLP listener with the whole Going Long family.
  • [02:32 - 06:26] Billy describes what the ‘Corporate Trap’ is, and how to recognise if you are stuck in a Corporate Trap right now.
  • [06:26 - 12:14] Billy’s 4 step process to escape the corporate trap. 
  • [12:14 - 13:46] Billy wraps up the show.


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Episode Transcript

Billy Keels  00:00

Today's conversation is sponsored by first-generation Capital Partners. If you're an accredited investor and you want to know about how we're helping other accredited investors keep more of their income, go to first gen forward slash going long.


You're listening to the going long podcast with Billy keels, the number one podcast for long distance real asset investing.

Billy Keels  00:22

Welcome to the gold long podcast, we're back once again to continue to help to educate you so that you feel much more comfortable as well as confident investing beyond your backyard. And yes, I'm your host, Billy keels, and I'm super excited to welcome you back to another conversation. I guess it's another monologue because it's you and I, it's another solo episode, I really want to know what you think about these solo episodes, you've been leaving more honest, written reviews, I'd like to see more of them. Let me know exactly what you think, what you want to hear more of what you want to hear less of, and things like that. And you know why one of the main reasons that I continue to ask because that it also helps us to make sure that we're providing you the content that you need to the topics of conversation. And it also helps us to attract the guests that are giving you the input that are going to help you get to your goals much, much faster. And so, you know, one of the things that I committed to doing is also sharing a lot of these honest written reviews and being able to share them in front of people from 30 different countries, because we're listened to in over 30 different countries. And you know, what, we have 10s of 1000s of downloads, and we would love to make sure that your honest review is read in front of the world. And I'm gonna read today's honest written review who comes from and I hope I'm pronouncing this correctly Draaga user. And it has uhm laugh in German. So it draws your user. And it says paths to success says there's always a something to be learned from listening to the going long podcast that you can apply to any of your daily activities, as well as opportunities to engage those being interviewed, if you want to go to the next level, proximity to to those pursuing similar goals is the path to success. Wow, thank you so much dragger user. And like I said, hopefully I'm pronouncing that correctly. And really appreciate the the honest, written review, as well as writing that you left and I wanted to once again, read this, share this because I can send it keep your honest written review read in front of people from 30 Different countries in that cool, will be absolutely fantastic. And so, you know, for those of you who are also here today, you're probably wanting to understand Yeah, really well, what's, what are you going to talk about today, and I want to talk about something that's really close to my heart, because I know it's gonna help you, especially if you are someone who is a very high paid professional, you're in a corporate role, because there is a trap that exists to the corporate life. And I want to talk to you about that specific trap, I want you to understand the trap. And I also want to give you a couple of steps, like very concrete steps that I'm gonna give you at the very end, that can help you to provide your own runway and escape the corporate trap when it's time for you to escape the corporate trap. Like I've mentioned many times before, I spent a decade building my runway building my way to escape that someone say the matrix or the or the corporate route. And although many times and you would even see it on my LinkedIn profile, and for those of you that follow me on LinkedIn, there's a lot of you following and I appreciate that there was a moment in time where I was also the happy corporate employee. So there's so many positive things I believe you can get from corporate. At the same time, I was also surrounded by people and know people in many other places that were not happy in their corporate role. And so what I want to be able to do is really talk to those people that are maybe not feeling as much as well as you should be. But more importantly, those of you that are enjoying the world, the roles that you're in, in the corporate life that you're in, you can also be able to prepare other ways that can even make you unhappy or employee in when you decide that it's time for you to do something else, well, then you could do that. And that would be fantastic. So one of the things that I that I recognised and this is probably talking to a lot of you that are that are not just in the corporate world, but you're also that top achiever, you're probably in the top talent programme, maybe you are someone who's going and you're on your President's Club or, or winner's circle or whatever it is, every couple years, you're travelling to Hawaii or some very exotic destination, when you're in these types of profiles, and you're in these types of roles. There's also a lot of recognition that can come with that and a lot of Allure that comes with that. And that's absolutely fantastic. And at the same time, you know that that usually means that you're the person who is always getting those extra assignments, and you seem to be getting more of those extra assignments than anybody else. And your workload continues to go up and up and up. And your hours are longer and longer and you're working late into the night and you're finishing your last call and then you're working three or four other hours because you want to be well prepared for the next day and you've got an early call and an early flight. And at a certain point, you become physically mentally exhausted. Sometimes you're physically present with people but you're mentally thinking about the role that you're supposed to do or just kind of how tired you are. And sometimes that can get to be really really stressful not just for yourself, but the people that you are around. And sometimes you can get into a point where you are feeling that you're trapped like you can't do anything else because you're you built up this inertia, you built up this brand, you build up all this stuff, but you don't have time to do anything else. So you are literally 24 hours a day, seven days a week thinking about the role that you're in, you are excelling, which is great. And at the same time, you're thinking yourself, well, I just wish I had a couple of extra minutes to be able to do some different things and, and maybe take a class or or start to prepare another financial runway because maybe your company's had layoffs or you've had change in management. And it can provoke some feelings of maybe sometimes trepidation. And, and I don't want you to have any of that. So what I want to do, right, because I was that person. So you understand that I'm explaining because I've been there. I know what you're going through, I know what you're thinking, I know you're feeling at the same time. I'm also like you, because I had this feeling that hey, listen, although I like my role. And I liked the companies that I worked for. I knew that there was something else out there. And I didn't want to be 100% dependent from a financial perspective on the employer that was, was employing me in paying my check every month, or maybe for you. It's every two weeks, or whatever the case may be. I've been in Europe for a really long time, everybody. So sometimes this every two week kind of paycheck thing is different. Because in Europe, it's once a month, we can talk about that maybe in the next episode, if you want to hear about that, leave it in the comments, really break that down with, like living in Europe and going once a month and paycheck and all this stuff. Let me not digress, let me get back because I wanted to talk to you about literally the four step process that helped me to be able to mentally escape from the feeling trapped in the corporate life, which allowed me to be a happier employee, I believe I was a much more productive employee as well, because I got a couple of things, right. And let me break this down for you really quickly. And then I'll get you out of here because I said, I want to keep these episodes really, really short. So the first thing is, number one, it's about making sure that you have the mindset and having the right mindset. And as I mentioned before, when you go to my LinkedIn profile, even if you checked it out before, if you haven't checked it out, you can go check it out. Now, feel free to follow me as well, because I'm sharing a lot more stuff over there on LinkedIn. It's a place that I particularly like, but it's about having the right mindset. And when you have the right mindset, it is about saying, Okay, listen, I enjoy my role. And at the same time, I want to be able to find some other type of a security, some other type of outlet, I need to I want to create a financial security pathway. And it's about getting into that mindset to say yes, you're going to continue to do the things that you need to do in your corporate role. And at the same time, save some time for yourself, save some time for yourself and get in the right mindset, number one. Number two, as you start to, I'm going to combine these actually, it's really combining, having start to get educated on the things that you want to do. And maybe what really brings you a lot of joy is learning how to play the piano. Learn how to play the piano. Maybe for you, it's about how do you create more streams of income. I know that that was for me, because I knew that by being able to create other streams of income that was going to allow me the time freedom ultimately that I needed to be able to do that. But it's about getting the education and also, most importantly, the support system. And the reality is, when you're in your busy corporate role, the people that you're around are also usually thinking about the corporate role, probably a player's tend to run with a players. And we're all thinking about it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And so it's okay when you find your support system and education outside of your corporate role. Because that's going to also allow you to start to build up the education and competencies and expertise that you're going to need to be able to feel free to make that move whenever you think is the most appropriate time. The third part and this is I'm sharing my particular process, right? Once I had the right mindset, I had the education and support system, I then started to purchase assets in very specific assets, hard assets that produced cash flow. And I mean, this is very important. I mean money that was actually going into my bank account, not money that is on a portfolio statement, because those are very different things. So it was really I didn't have to do anything other than upfront, I did the work to build the teams to build the assets to either purchase those assets directly myself, or to invest with someone else who was doing the work. And they were as they were doing the work one way or the other. On a specific moment in time, money hit my bank account. I didn't have to do anything. I didn't have to call and pick up execute an order. I didn't have to look every single day on my phone. If the ticker was red or the ticker was green. I didn't have to do anything. And so for me, and that's why I said this is what is working for me and that's why I want to share for you the third step was being able to hurt Just or land or buy into hard assets that produce cash flow, as well as overtime, I realised the importance of also having strong tax benefits, especially for someone who is a high wage earner. That is another path to freedom, understanding how tax benefits, specifically whether those tax benefits are passive or active. And that's another conversation. I know, I've talked about that in the past. But if not, I can't remember the exact episode was one of the one of the episodes before maybe 243, or something like that. But understanding exactly, investing in assets, hard assets that produce cash flow, as well as provide tax benefits. And lastly, it's in the spirit seems very simple, but I'm going to add it it's take consistent action. Taking consistent action is what over a decade is what allowed me to build up the portfolio, build up the education, build up the expertise, to continue to go into the corporate role, probably for the last four years doing that, because I really enjoyed it, I liked being surrounded by smart people, I knew that it was making me a better employee. And I chose to continue to go into the role. So it's those four simple steps. And I don't want to over play this, maybe I'm talking a little bit too long, but I get passionate about this stuff. So once again, the corporate trap, it's there, it's real. And you know what you can be in it and be happy. I know that I was I enjoyed the big game solving big problems being surrounded by really smart people, I enjoyed having the nice car, the expense account, I enjoyed those types of things. At the same time, I knew that was not the were all end all for me. So I took these four steps. Number one, I got the right mindset, I talked to you about it, I shared it with you, you could check it out on my LinkedIn profile, you can check it out there, you can even follow me there today, I had the education and support system. And step number two. And step number three, I was focused on being involved in buying into either actively or passively into hard assets that produce cash flow, because I knew that would ultimately create the financial slash time freedom that I needed. And then lastly, it was taking consistent action to be able to get to the goal. So hopefully, these four steps are going to help you understand exactly the four steps that I took to be able to continue to be in the corporate role. I enjoyed it, I liked it. And also it allowed me to be in a position to say when it's time to move on, it's time to move on. And do that having a very, very positive thought process as it relates to the corporate experience that I had. So if this sounds like anything like your life, and you want to understand more about it, part of the four step process we're talking about is in a nice guy that we've produced. And it is for accredited investors, it's for high wage earners. And it's going to help give you really tactical insight as to one of the strategies that I use. And you can find that at first gen, forward slash going long. Once again, it's first gen forward slash going long. You can pick that guy, I'd love to know what you think about it. Don't forget, leave your honest written review as well as your rating. It's something I want to put in front of people in 30 Different countries at least and growing and 10s of 1000s of downloads. So with that while you're working on thinking about this four step process, talking about it with your friends and family sharing the episode, I'll be here preparing the next conversation. So until then go out and make it a great day. And thank you very much. Press Did you enjoy today's conversation and once again, today's conversation was sponsored by first generation Capital Partners. If you're an accredited investor want to find out more about how we're helping accredited investors to gain their personal freedom even faster. Go to forward slash going long.

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