January 9, 2024

SERIES HIGHLIGHT: From Golden Gloves to Living The Golden Life - Nick Lamagna

Going from Golden Gloves to Golden Touch… That’s what @Nick Lamagna, today’s guest of this SERIES HIGHLIGHT episode of @The Going Long Podcast, has seen in his time investing long distance… In this conversation. he takes the gloves off and shares his experience about long distance investing, and helping others to do the same.
Billy Keels
CEO and Founder FGCP

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Going Long Podcast Episode 384: From Golden Gloves to Living The Golden Life

( To see the Video Version of today’s conversation just CLICK HERE. )

In the conversation with today’s guest, Nick Lamagna, you’ll learn the following:


  • [00:40 - 03:38] Show introduction with comments from Billy.
  • [03:29 - 06:51] Guest introduction and first questions.
  • [06:51 - 14:22] The backstory and decisions made that led Nick to this point in his journey.
  • [14:22 - 22:49] What it was that gave Nick the impetus and confidence to invest long distance and out of State rather than sticking to investing in his local market location.
  • [22:49 - 30:45] Nick explains how he focuses on processes and not properties.
  • [30:45 - 34:11] The changes Nick has seen come into play since the pandemic. 
  • [34:11 - 41:45] How Nick is helping and educating people today.


Here’s what Nick shared with us during today’s conversation: 


  • Where in the world Nick is currently based: New York City / Chicago, U.S.A.
  • The most positive thing to happen in the past 24 hours: Getting to be on the podcast with Billy today!
  • Favourite city in Europe: Siena, Italy.
  • A mistake that Bronson would like you to learn from so that you don’t have to pay full price: Don’t shy away from tough decisions or tough situations!
  • Book Recommendation: The Mountain is You, by Brianna Wiest. - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mountain-You-Transforming-Self-Sabotage-Self-Mastery/dp/1949759229 


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To see the Video Version of today’s conversation just CLICK HERE.


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Episode Transcript

Billy Keels
Founder & CEO of FGCP
Billy is on a mission to share a roadmap and opportunities with other extremely busy, high-paid professionals on how to find financial freedom through investments. Listen in to learn how!
Guest speaker
Nick Lamagna

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